Hello, I am Frankie and I am one of the everyday people who grew up in a family that never talked about finances. To be totally honest I’d never heard anything about finances in school until I went to college. There I learned of the word finance because I was an Accounting major. Even there I did not learn what I needed in order to be able to get a loan or a line of credit. The only loan I knew about and could get was for school which I did not learn how to use the funds to start or grow a business. I only knew to work and get a check, pay bills, and do it all over again. The rat race.

I had a change in the way I see MONEY and FINANCING 💰! It’s the way the rich get rich with OPM 💰Other Peoples Money 💰

I acquired a mentor about 5 years ago who is a Capital Consultant and Lender who showed me the way money works and about credit. He introduced me to No Doc, No Collateral, and No Hassle Business Loans. Now I understands what we the people need in order to succeed in business. We need access to Business Financing Now and that’s why I started this company Thoro Funding Group, Thoro Credit Repair, and Thoro Proof of Income Services. I have made myself a conduit between the people who need funding and the Lender and I will assist in creating the perfect conditions for your business so that you can get the highest amount of funding possible for your situation even with bad credit. So please know that your business can stand on its own no matter the condition of your personal credit. Your business can stand on its own, your business credit can acquire loans, lines of credit, and more. There are so many ways that a business can be funded that we can’t personal so let me, Frankie the founder of Thoro Money Makers assist your company with getting funded for business growth or business start up. Either way there’s away to get the business financing your company need now. I will work diligently and persistently for you finding the right Lender and the right situation that will bring your company success because your success means my success. Together we can make it happen.